Things women pay attention to on the first three dates

How do we, guys, get ready for the first date? It is always different on the one hand, but at the same time it is kind of the same. Like exotic birds, we try to make a great first impression with our looks. But since it may be not enough, we also brag about our achievements, courage, and success.
As was proven at the spellshelp website SPELLSHELP.COM , it does not really work. Only women who are very insecure or not really smart fall for it. If you want to have a relationship with a smart, confident and successful woman, you should know that all those things cannot impress her.
For various reasons women are looking for completely different things in men. This is what we are going to discuss in this article. All women evaluate men as their potential husbands and fathers of their children by the same criteria. If you know what they are, you can make a great impression on any woman and its effect will be similar to that of a white love spell.
Yes, women fall for good-looking men. However, it does not mean you have to have the body of a professional stripper to be found attractive by women. Women do not really care about your height, muscles, or a few pounds you could lose or gain. They care about the impression you make on people.
All women are attracted to confident men. No exceptions here. Do not confuse confidence with rudeness or aggression. A confident man is a man who is not afraid of anyone and always knows what to do. Women subconsciously look for someone they can rely and count on. Pregnancy and then raising children make women vulnerable and helpless, no matter what feminists say. Our world is still a man’s world. When a woman has a man she can rely on during this time, it makes it much easier.
Some men accuse women of being calculating and greedy because most women would prefer a rich guy over a good guy. The fact that the man has money impacts women like the best white magic love spells. Well, men saying that are right and wrong at the same time. Yes, women value money in men. If a woman has to choose between two men who are equally good, she will choose the one who has more money. However, money is not the key factor in life partner decision-making. As important as it is, there are things women value more than money in men. Keep reading to find out what they are.
Anyways, you should make it clear on the first date that you have money. Why? To show to your potential partner that she can feel safe with you no matter what happens. It is not your money that women want. A woman needs to know her children will not need anything and will always have everything they need thanks to their father. An average woman does not want to only be a wife and a mother. She always wants the best (and it is okay):
- She wants to give birth in the best hospital possible;
- She wants to bring her baby in the most beautiful baby nursery possible;
- She wants her children to go to a good school and study at a prestigious university;
- She wants to not have to worry about anything and focus on her family and possibly on her career;
- And so on and so forth.
So there is nothing wrong in showing your woman that you have money. Just try not to brag about it listing all the houses and cars you have. It is better to take your woman to a really nice restaurant where you can pay the bill and demonstrate the important quality we discussed before – confidence. Besides, here you can also show to your woman that you are kind as well, and women value kindness in men too.
As a result, the impression you make on your woman will work better than a white magic spell of love. Let the woman know you are a kind and empathetic person and you do not look down on people, and the woman will feel safe with you. A woman needs more than just protection, financial stability, and a strong man next to her she can rely on. She wants to get it all from someone who is also kind, understanding and patient. She knows herself well, including how hot-tempered she can be, so she will always be attracted to someone who will not want to divorce her as soon as their relationship hits a rough patch.
Do not forget about two more qualities women appreciate in men just as much. It is your ability to wait and your ability to act.
Not all women sleep with men on the first date. They like to wait not because they are afraid of you or do not want to seem to be too easy. They say no to see how you will respond. If you respond in an aggressive, hostile or cynical way, it is a red flag for women indicating you will never respect her or appreciate her for who she is because all you want from her is sex. That is not what women want. So be patient and treat her “no” with respect.
When your woman decides to have sex with you, she does it to test you again. Women know that many men show their true self in bed – their selfishness, desire to dominate, weakness, desire to obey, etc. If you have sex with your woman for the first time keeping in mind our advice and make it perfect not for you but for your woman, she will fall in love with you as if after one of the white magick love spells that was put on her.

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