Trains & Cranes

May 31, 2017

This term, our theme at Robotics with LEGO Wedo has been “Things that Go!”  The children have enthusiastically shared their knowledge about everyday machines, and enjoyed building and programming robotic versions!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have explored trains and cranes.  We discussed underground trains, super fast trains, monorails, trams, and more.  Many of us had been on trains either while on holiday in a big city like London or visiting nearby towns.  We chatted about the train from London to Paris and wondered what it would be like to be able to see the fish through the windows.  We were a bit disappointed to learn that the train moves through a tunnel under the sea…  Oh well!

We built a monorail and programmed it to stop at stations, guided by motion sensors.  We adding lights and sounds to inform passengers about departures and landings.  Safety first.

Cranes are lots of fun.  It was interesting to discover the work involved in safely operating a crane.  We built and programmed a crane, built some parcels, and programmed our crane to deliver.  We created a controller lever using the tile sensor!  Everyone remembered never to transport items with the crane lowered.

It’s amazing to be able to go beyond coding and make one’s robot unique.  The children particularly enjoyed creating their own sounds for their robots and drawing backdrops to their scenes.  #morethanSTEM

Concurrent Engineering5 year olds can code robots!
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