Target practice

October 30, 2016

Droidbot is a war robot designed to move through the battlefield, identifying enemies and taking them down.  Can you build a weapon and program him to attack and get home safely?

Beyond the basics of sequencing, repetition and conditional statements, LEGO Mindstorms offers the rare ability to program one’s robot to complete a wide variety of tasks, simply by building add-ons. This delivers a charged environment where everyone can compete in a “robolympic,” not unlike the First Lego League competition.

There’s so much to do: sumo, dance-offs, line racing, fishing, and even shoot-outs! This provides a rewarding opportunity to apply one’s coding knowledge to game creation!

It’s worth it learning all that code.

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Please note that Wacky Bots will not be running any further workshops until summer 2020. Thank you.