Swinging It!

March 29, 2017

Spring is here!

We thought we’d celebrate the new season by building and coding this playground-inspired swing robot!  It is remotely controlled by pressing “g” to start swinging and “s” to stop.  We also added some disco lights to jazz it up a bit!

This robot is a pretty simple beginner’s build although the parallel and looped program is more advanced.  It can be tricky to figure out how to get a program to stop when a button is pressed as Wedo only offers direct input of sensor readings, a count value, and a variable.  Using a variable as the loop exit condition, we have been able to run a remote (keyboard) controlled parallel program where “g” starts a motor running almost forever (setting the variable to a high number); “s” changes the variable to zero such that the “g” loop can be exited!

We’re looking forward to exploring many more uses of parallel and looped programs in the Spring term using the fantastic LEGO Wedo kit!  Our theme will be Engineering and we will build and robotise everyday machines like trains, forklifts and more!  Can’t wait.


Note:  This swing robot build was designed by Brick Click, then built and coded by Wacky Bots.

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