Sumo Robots!

November 20, 2016

We always try to do something superbly fun on the last day of a robotics block and this time, it was sumo wrestling! Sumo is all about strategy – How do you intend to push your opponent out of the ring?

1. Your build must have “pushers” at all possible attack angles. This usually means flat surfaces. `Be careful customising your robot. Don’t place style above function. Also remember “the force” lies with the heavier robot.

2. Your code must ensure you do not leave the ring. If you get to the edge of the ring, get back in as quickly as possible!

3. Your code must be designed to push your opponent out of the ring. There are numerous strategies out there ranging from spinners, pushers, avoiders that wait out the opponent’s battery power, to those that conserve battery power by only attacking when the opponent is near.

There is much more to it than this but these are some basics. Got a couple of robots? Try sumo and have fun!

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