STEM Day at Rosemount

March 15, 2017

Two awesome days in Montrose – robots, coding, and more!

  • Some things can only truly be understood by doing. Coding is one of them.

    Most great achievers were inspired in their early years when curiosity was easily nurtured and directed

  • Every school year, Rosemount Primary School organises a STEM day where children have the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum and learn something new about science, engineering, technology or math logic.  This is a fantastic initiative supported by staff, the Parent Council and local industry.  

    Over the years, children have learned about the joys of engineering from practising engineers, and the awesomeness of science from scientists.  This year, it was all about robotics.

    Wacky Bots had the opportunity to support STEM day this year.  Every child had the opportunity to learn about robots, build one, and program it to perform at least one task!  Yes, everyone from P1 to P7 was part of it!

    We started off sharing our knowledge about robots.  Several kids talked about their robots and one had even made a robotic arm with his dad!  

    We then went on to build a robot.  Children in P1-P3 put together the Kibo robot developed by Kinderlab while P4-P7 built a simple LEGO Mindstorms robot.  The pupils were adept at building and were keen to get hands-on with robotics.  

    It was interesting to watch the children explore their built robot.  Some curious pupils began to push their robot along, rotating the motors to make it move.  They were surprised when we told them they didn’t need to push it along to make it move; we would program them to move!  

    There are some things that can only be truly understood by doing and coding is one of them. Once we began to code our robots to move, make sounds, flash lights, and even respond to sensors, the learning really began.  P4-P7 got their robot to respond to an infrared sensor – moving when an object was in close proximity.  P1-P3 got to program their robot to respond to a sound sensor – shaking, spinning, and singing at the sound of their voice!  

    Both boys and girls were very keen learners.  A little boy in P2 asked me where one could buy the Kibo robot.  Several children asked me to remind them of Wacky Bots’ name as they wanted to join the club.  Inspiring just one child to want to explore the robotics world is a huge achievement.  Inspiring many?  Truly awesome.

    Most great achievers were inspired in their early years when curiosity was easily nurtured and directed.  Wacky Bots is keen to support primary schools in engaging their pupils in technology.  Scottish inventors could create the next generation of epic video games, apps, movies, and robots that truly change lives.  

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Please note that Wacky Bots will not be running any further workshops until summer 2020. Thank you.