Space Expedition

November 04, 2016

Robotics with KIBO delivers an amazing opportunity for STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This means that whether a child favours the left or right brain, there’s something fun to embrace!

Science: How do sensors work? We learned about light intensity and how sensors can measure the light entering its “eyes”
Technology: How can you code your robot to visit all the planets in our galaxy when it sees a bright light?
Engineering: How do you position your sensors and wheels to ensure that your robot sees the light and moves in the desired manner?
Art: We designed and coloured in our own rockets and attached it to KIBO, turning KIBO into a rocket robot!
Math: We had to be very logical about how many rotations and turns would be required to reach the planets and making sure we didn’t go the wrong way!

It’s always amazing when kids take things even further. A little girl decided to code her robot to visit the planets AND return to base – all on her own. Inspired.

Target practiceFREE Robotics Taster for P3-P5
Please note that Wacky Bots will not be running any further workshops until summer 2020. Thank you.