Sequencing with KIBO!

August 30, 2016

It’s early days at Robotics with KIBO but it’s already clear how amazing the children are.  During their first session, we focused on understanding sequencing by sticking to two to three code blocks in our algorithms.  However, they greatly exceeded expectations, including many more blocks – some had eight!  Even with so many blocks, they were able to follow their robots actions to verify that their algorithms were correctly actioned, troubleshoot, and rectify.  Wow.

I began KIBO considering that robotics for four year olds may be “new age.”  Perhaps I was wrong.  A lovely four-year old rapidly created algorithms that she understood and narrated her robot’s actions in play.  Speaking to her mom, I learned that she enjoys coding using an App called Goldie Blox Adventures in Coding.  Ever tried it?  It is advertised for kids aged six to eight.  However, it could be used by children as young as three as I learned today.  Got a child aged three to eight, it could be the simplest way to get them into coding.  Following on with robotics would be a walk in the play park.

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