Secret Number

July 03, 2018

Using Scratch with Lego Wedo 2.0 is epic.  It greatly expands the range of projects available; it makes your animation rule your robot, and vice-versa.

At Wacky Bots, we’ve had a praying mantis that only gets to eat when it catches an on-screen fly, an elephant who dances until it reaches the edge of a screen and much more.

Last week, we created an automatic door that would request a secret number whenever it sensed someone attempting to gain entry.  It only opened when the number was right.  We had a great time choosing on-screen doors and bouncers to keep bad guessers out!  Some of us even created our own scary red bouncers at the gate.

What will your robot say when the right number is guessed?  And the wrong number?  We had a roaring time making up messages to display to let the visitor in or keep them out.  Everyone had a go trying to guess the number on their friend’s robot.  We had some really good guessers!

This is a fantastic example of interactive robotics that is the crown that Lego Wedo really should wear all the time.  It goes far beyond what is possible using the Lego software.  I can’t wait till August when we will be building driving robots at the Aberdeen Science Centre and programming them in Scratch 🙂

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