Robotic Arms!

May 11, 2017

It’s quite fascinating to watch Youtube videos showing robotic arms building cars on the factory floor.  While these robots do a great job, the engineers who created them must be surreal.

Last week at Robotics with LEGO Wedo, we explored robotic limbs and their uses.  With the growing popularity of the Paralympics, it’s no surprise that the children knew a lot about prosthetic limbs and even had relatives or family friends with some.  Someone even had a relative with a prosthetic ear.

After learning about the accelerating technology for robotic limbs where sensors, motors and coding can support more natural movement, we built and coded a robotic arm.  We even designed robotic sleeves to go with our arms!  We added buttons, doodles, and messages.  One sleeve even had a self-destruct button!

Robotic limbs can really change the game in healthcare – not just robot surgeons but really integrating into the human nervous system such that a robotic limb is as easy to use as a natural one.  Perhaps one day, we won’t even need to charge the batteries.

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