Robot Vac

April 23, 2017


Today at Robotics using LEGO Mindstorms, we got the hoover out.  Everyone got to build a simple robot and give it some personality.  We then went on to learn about programming motion: forwards, backwards, pivots, spins and everything in between – ready for the vacuum cleaner challenge.

Teamwork was fantastic as all teams developed a plan to program their robot to reach all blocks of a “room” in a vacuum cleaner challenge.  This challenge is one of Dr Graeme’s favourites and usually takes over an hour to perfect.  We just had about half an hour and teams were amazing – getting their robot moving to the plan.  There were a variety of interesting approaches as teams strategised, tested, modified, and learnt what works – the Engineering Design Process.

Next week, we will move some more and get our creativity hats on!  Have a lovely week.

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