Practice makes perfect - not just a cliché

March 10, 2016

LEGO Technic set for children aged 9-16 – conservative age range? Well, probably not.

My son has always loved working with his hands building LEGO, CONNECT, puzzles, blocks and other similar toys. However, like many homes, we saw that with the advent of handheld games, such toys quickly turned dusty and I eventually gave many away.

However, with LEGO Mindstorms, the draw of being able to command his creation appears to have breathed new life into his enjoyment of construction. Even though the kit above is not a robot (just a LEGO Technic kit), it was amazing to see him construct it all by himself with his younger sister being his supplier 🙂 After just a few months back into the world of LEGO, he can cut it at the minimum recommended age!  Awesome.

Yeah kids may have rusty construction skills after abandoning their LEGO sets for the allure of tablets and DS’s but it comes back – much more quickly than one may think!

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