Playful Coding with Kibo

May 23, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting children aged five to eight years as they delved into the world of coding using the Kibo robot!

We started off with a basic discussion about what a robot is, then put the Kibo robot together.  Next, we explored sequences by creating, following, and decoding linear code that makes our robot move, flash coloured lights and make sounds!

When we were comfortable enough to put our feet up, we began our adventure with the sound sensor by programming our robot to pause at various points in our code to wait to hear us clap before continuing!  Afterward, we investigated the concept of loops by programming our robot to repeat a sequence a fixed number of times, then forever.  We learned about the concept of infinity and its importance in creating perpetually functioning robots!

Then, we explored light and proximity sensors – programming our robot to park in a dark garage, stop like a deer when it sees headlights, and even include the sound sensor in our code!

We then looked at conditional IF statements, programming our robot only perform certain actions when the sensor readings were right.  By linking this with our understanding of infinite loops, we were able to create a perpetual obstacle avoidance robot!

The children enjoyed the coding challenges as well making their own code.  Some even turned their code into mini-games and played these with their robots!

What a pleasure to watch the children grow in their understanding of code and (without doubt) the robots they see everyday – automatic doors, vending machines – now how was that coded?

Enjoy the mini-videos below 🙂





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