Exploring LEGO WeDo Robotics

November 29, 2016

LEGO WeDO 2.0 from LEGO Education is a real revamp of the old LEGO WeDo offering. It is colourful, yet subtle enough to appeal to 10 year olds, and features a kid-friendly coding interface.

However, my favourite thing about it is the wire-free ability – no more having a robot throttled to your laptop! This opens up a huge area for creative and interactive play. This was on display on Saturday at our taster for kids aged 6 years+. After building and exploring the space explorer robot called Milo, they took the afternoon a step further by racing their robots. They played around with the speed in their code with some setting it to 1000000… well, I’m not sure that robot was faster than the one with a speed of 10 but it was enjoyable experimenting with “code speed.”

Building robots was a breeze; we had lots of time to customise and program it to respond to “the force” using the motion sensor. There were winged robots, antenna-bearing robots, dancers and much more. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing one’s creation “come to life.” I suspect we had some tech-makers-in-training there on Saturday!

Regular sessions start in January and Registration is Open.

Early Learning – Coding with KiboTug-O-War
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