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    Leading the way in early childhood robotics

    “COMPUTING has always been a youngster’s game. The founders of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft were in their teens or 20s when they started the businesses that made their fortunes” – The Economist, August 2015

    KIBO is a robotics kit for children aged 4-7 that teaches the basics of coding.  Algorithms are developed by snapping seemingly benign wooden blocks together – blocks that bring KIBO robot to life once scanned!  These new age kids can easily work together to build, decorate and program their robot.  Just like LEGO Mindstorms for older kids, they learn about sequencing, loops, conditional statements, and sensors.  When they are old enough to move on to Scratch and LEGO Mindstorms, these kids will most probably find the logic dead easy.

    KIBO sets a strong foundation for critical thinking, logic, teamwork, creativity, storytelling, robotics and coding in general.


    Photos from KinderLab Robotics

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