Everyday Science - Speedy Scooters

June 13, 2016
  • Today at Science Club we enjoyed the Speedy Scooter activity.  This is part of the CREST Star program offered by the British Science Association.  Everyone got to make hypotheses about how surface type and texture influence speed as well as share their experiences on their bikes and scooters.  We rounded up with a fun obstacle course using our test subjects!

    Wacky Bots is a huge fan of CREST Star.  At its core is a vision to help children understand that science is all around them in their everyday lives.  It’s not about crazy hair and blood-stained lab coats like halloween costume designers appear to favour.  Science is something they can do well, enjoy and still be themselves.

    One of my most memorable moments at Science Club was when two kids, who never realised that water drops hang off leaves, exclaimed that they saw lots of hugging water drops the weekend after we had an activity on it!   Now these kids saw science in their everyday life and they recognised it, understood it, and were excited by it.  Awesome.

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