Everyday Robotics - Garbage Trucks

April 28, 2017

Once a week, most of us are fortunate to have our rubbish taken away in a garbage truck.  When they were younger, my kids used to enjoy watching the robotic arm extend and empty the bins. There were squeals of delight.   Now like many of us feel, it has become part of  the white noise of everyday life.

This week at Robotics with LEGO Wedo, we gave some colour to white noise.  We discussed how robotic garbage trucks help us.  We also shared our thoughts on the benefits.  It was just a couple of decades ago when I watched people climb ladders to empty bins.  One can only imagine the number of accidents that must have occurred!

We enjoyed building a garbage truck and bins, then programming it to tip bins.  We got the crayons out and delved into the STEAM domain by creating a street to act as a backdrop.  We had homes, trees, animals, ponds, pokemon in our scenes.  One team even built a skittle bin and got it to empty skittles into the truck!

We also had our first venture into parallel programming.  It was fun to run three programs at a time – all at the touch of a button.  It was even more lovely to hear kids share their dreams about building machines and robots and becoming game designers.   What an honour to be part of their journey.

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