Doing the CatWalk

September 02, 2016

Our intermediate level Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms Club is full of amazing young coders.  We tackled the seemingly small challenge of making a robot follow an unpredictably curvy line.  We humans find such a task simple –  just see the line and follow it!  However, a robot has to look out for contrasts in colour or reflectivity in order to stay on track, constantly searching for these contrasts in order to locate itself.  Furthermore, delays in reaction may mean that it goes too fast, or rotates too narrowly to react in time – oh no, now it’s just twirling…

More than any other activity, this challenge tested our teamwork skills.  We learned from one another and tried to smile even if we didn’t win the catwalk race.  Not so easy because we love to succeed!

Sequencing with KIBO!Rube Goldberg
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