Customer Data Confidentiality Agreement

Data Confidentiality Agreement

  1. Preservation of your data confidentiality. Wacky Bots shall use all reasonable commercial efforts to:
    1. preserve the confidentiality and avoid the disclosure of the your Confidential Information (defined below), unless strictly required otherwise by law;
    2. limit access to your Confidential Information to those of its employees or agents granted access rights by you through use of the Services, unless requested otherwise by you in writing or email;
    3. not at any time disclose, give, or transmit (in any manner or form or for any purpose) your Confidential Information to any person, party, firm, or corporation other than you except as specified in this Data Confidentiality Agreement or the Terms of Service, and unless required by law;
    4. immediately notify you in the event of any disclosure which is required by law;
    5. not use any Confidential Information in any way other than for the purpose of providing the Services to you and the utilisation of these Services by you, or as otherwise contemplated by this Data Confidentiality Agreement or the Terms of Service without your permission; and
    6. ensure that all Wacky Bots employees or agents to whom your Confidential Information is disclosed are legally bound to keep your Confidential Information confidential and not to use the Confidential Information except for the Purpose.
    7. “Confidential Information” means all of your Data stored using the Services including but not limited to full names, addresses, email addresses, financial data, or sales information, and any other information or materials, whether written, or graphic, or any other form),  other proprietary information created through use of the Services but excluding your name, company and/or logo which may be used byWacky Bots for marketing purposes.
  2. Proprietary Rights. Other than as expressly provided in the Terms o Service,Wacky Bots obtains no proprietary rights of any kind to your Confidential Information. 
  3. Terms of Service Prevails. If there is any conflict between the terms of this Data Confidentiality Agreement and the terms of Service, the Terms of Service prevails. This Data Confidentiality Agreement is to be read and understood in conjunction with the Terms of Service.

Terms of Service refers to specific agreements associated with a subscribed service such as permission for Wacky Bots to take and use photos during sessions.

Last Updated 4th November 2016

Please note that Wacky Bots will not be running any further workshops until summer 2020. Thank you.