Concurrent Engineering

May 18, 2017

Concurrent engineering is quite the buzzword in the innovation circle.  It’s all about considering all aspects of a product like the design, manufacture, sales, and marketing during product development.  Many products have been designed but been impossible to manufacture on a commercial scale.  There are also products out there that people simply never buy.  Concurrent engineering can help limit these often costly scenarios.

At Robotics with LEGO Mindstorms, we dipped our toes into concurrent engineering by coding a remote control and a track on a sheet of paper.  We had to consider the scale of our sheet and robot in choosing the speed of our robot as well as the tightness of turns.  Everyone designed a track and got their robot to complete it!  This exercise taught us to design taking capability and environment into consideration.

We see concurrent engineering like scale considerations in action everyday.  The turning radius of a bus varies considerably from a car.  Engineers take the width of roads into consideration when designing steering controls.  The Goggle driverless car is undoubtedly programmed taking roads, usage and many other factors into consideration.  Telling from all the smiles, it seems we all had a great day being automobile robotics engineers.

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