Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

June 21, 2016
  • Ever wondered how to make bubbles of different sizes, shapes and colours, if at all possible?  We explored the Brilliant Bubbles activity from CREST Star and tested our hypotheses.

    What did we discover? 

    • Different sized bubbles depend on the size of the opening in the wand as well as how hard one blows.  Softer breadths deliver bigger bubbles.  The patient dog definitely gets the bigger bone on this one.
    • The wand shape didn’t really deliver different shaped bubbles.  We could get the heart-shaped wand to make a heart shape.  However, wands with lots of holes resulted in bubbles being stuck together much like a maggot…  Not quite a heart shape but we’ll take that.
    • Adding red food dye didn’t give red bubbles unfortunately.  However, some of us thought that close examination showed a pink hue..  or perhaps our imaginations are a bit too active.

    What a bubbly end to the Science Club this term at Bervie School!

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