Art & Robots

May 03, 2017

It’s important to get both the left and right side of our brains panting so last Sunday at the Aberdeen Science Centre, we went arty!  After some fun making mini-movies, and getting our robots on beat, we used our understanding of loops to create an abstract piece of art!

There aren’t any easy ways to draw using LEGO Mindstorms, so we used 3D-printed custom-made marker-holders.  3D printing has a huge following among LEGO enthusiasts looking to make their own pieces.  It’s a fantastic way to remove barriers to creativity.

Everyone chose what to draw and added it to our abstract masterpiece.  We had flowers, spirals, zig-zags and numbers in the mix all in an array of colours.

While we often dissociate math and art, they are very closely linked.  Just observing patterns on items such as fabric and tiles shows that designers know their numbers!

Tickles & Waves with LittlebitsRobotic Arms!
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