5 year olds can code robots!

June 14, 2017

Coding using the Kibo robot is an absolute blast.  Just snap wooden blocks together, scan their barcodes into the robot and off we go! Shake, spin, lights, sounds and more!

Many coding tools excel at teaching young children the basic concept of linear algorithms: just arrange things in the order you want them to occur and ta-dah!  However, when it comes to concepts like loops and conditional statements, I haven’t found anything near the magic of Kibo.

At Robotics using Kibo with Wacky Bots, children aged five to eight years old are learning to code using the Kibo robot.  No computers required.  We made Kibo “come alive” with fun algorithms.  All children were able to bend Kibo to their will and even “reverse engineer” by reconstructing Kibo’s code by observing it’s actions.  Aren’t they amazing?

We learned about creating loops and were able to program Kibo to repeat sequences a fixed number of times or forever…….well, until Kibo’s battery dies out or we intervene.  We had laughs and giggles as Kibo took to the dance floor for infinity.

Sensors are a key part of a robot.  Every robot should be able to respond to it’s environment and so can Kibo!  We gave Kibo a sound sensor and trained him to act when we clapped.  It was fun training Kibo up.  We even decorated Kibo with our Lego creations to make it as unique as we are….almost.

Helping children learn to code using Kibo is wonderful.  Last week, a little girl was walking out of the session excitedly telling her dad how to make a robot repeat code forever using “two circles stuck together” – the infinity sign.  Inspiring.

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