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    Hands-on awesomely inspiring science and robotics for kids
    • Term-time Clubs

      Science and robotics clubs are a great extra-curricular activity for kids. They deliver consistent programs for building passion for STEM

    • Workshops

      Ideal for igniting interest in STEM through short-bursts whether at groups such as cubs and scouts, holiday clubs, or events.

    • In-school sessions

      Hands-on science and robotics activities can greatly enhance classroom experience in line with the Curriculum of Excellence.

    • Robot parties

      We run Robotics with LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms parties for kids aged 7+ years! Everyone gets to make a robot and play a game with it. Contact us for more.

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  • Wacky Bots ® is an initiative to inspire enjoyment of STEM subjects in children aged 4-14 in Scotland through exciting hands-on activities.

    • Science

      Real-world challenges are tackled through team brainstorming, experimentation and conclusion. Kids develop key skills required to be tomorrow’s scientists.

    • Robotics

      Using child-friendly robotic kits such as LEGO Mindstorms EV3, increasingly complex robots are built, programmed, then it’s time to play. This is a great way for kids to understand how technology works and its value in our lives.
      With Wacky Bots, kids realise that STEM is amazingly fun and awesomely inspiring.

    • Hands-on

      Children should have an opportunity to learn by doing as this delivers a deeper understanding of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts and their value.

    • Fun and wonder

      Our programs are designed to be enjoyable by children aged 4-14.

    • Scotland

      Our focus is on children in Scotland and support for the Curriculum of Excellence.

  • With Wacky Bots, children discover that STEM is amazingly fun and awesomely inspiring.

    • Kids inspired

      The number of kids inspired to learn more about science or robotics grows everyday. We play our part in a huge picture.

    • Schools reached

      Children from several schools in Aberdeenshire have been part of Wacky Bots.

  • Our Services

    Wacky Bots ® has a variety of offerings for science and robotics
  • Through hands-on activities, kids ages 4-14 gain a deeper understanding of STEM and how it affects their lives

  • Wacky Bots delivers appropriately paced science, coding and robotics  activities that build self-confidence, teamwork, investigative skills, as well as project management skills.  Using well-structured programs, children handle increasingly complex scientific, coding or engineering challenges and begin to develop projects of their own.  They have fun too! 

    • LEGO Robotics Club
      • 7-14
        Year olds
      • 10
        Class size
    • KIBO Robotics
      Yes your 4 year old can code!
      • 4-8
        Year olds
      • up to 6
        Class size
    • Science Clubs
      At school -lunch-time or after-school
      • 6-12
        Year olds
      • 10
        Class size
    • Science Workshops
      During holidays
      • 9-12
        Year olds
      • 15
        Class size
    • LEGO Robotics Workshops
      During holidays
      • 9-14
        Year olds
      • up to 10
        Class size
    • Scratch programming
      Storytelling, games, animation, music, fashion, and more!
      • 8 - 14
        Year olds
      • 5 - 10
        Class size
    • In-School Support
      Hands-on STEM
      • KS1 & KS2
    • Team building Robotics - Business Play
      Sumo, Obstacle Courses, Races and more!
      • up to 24 adults
        Group Size
      • LEGO Mindstorms
  • Wacky Bots is a learning destination for Children's University passport holders

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  • Hands-on science & robotics delivers many broad values

    Benefits beyond STEM.

    • Team work
    • Investigative skills
    • Creativity 
    • Out-of-the-box thinking
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Leadership
    • Self-confidence
    • Fine motor skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Innovation & Fun

      Kids can customise their robot in the wackiest way. Experiments are exciting with lots of room to try out their ideas safely.

    • Personal development

      Being able to carry out experiments and build working robots delivers a huge sense of achievement and self-confidence

    • Career enlightenment

      The wide career possibilities in science, engineering and technology become more tangible.

    • Friendly & flexible

      We have numerous ways for children to engage.

  • See Our Easy-Peasy Mindstorms Robot Gallery!

    See Our Wedo Robot Gallery!

  • Meet Our Founder

    With strong science background and a love for helping children learn in a fun and exciting way.
  • Nikè Onyia

  • Nikè is a geoscientist with a strong background in technology management and an advocate for hands-on STEM.  In 2004, she started out her career in the oil and gas industry and took on several roles with particular focus on technology development.  She is also a Google CS-First guru and advocate for teaching computer science to primary school children using the kid-friendly MIT’s software – Scratch.  

    Nikè began Wacky Bots® to help more children see STEM as a fun, interesting and rewarding career path.  She saw that the experiments she carried out with her kids for fun as well as her enjoyment of robotics could easily be of great value to children within the Scottish Curriculum of Excellence.   Nikè is a member of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and holds a current Disclosure Scotland Certificate.

    Wacky Bots® has been launched within the Mearns area and is set to get all kids aged 6-14 in Scotland bugging their parents to let them carry out experiments (safe ones only), invent new things for their robot to do with Mindstorms, and create amazing animations, fantastic stories and awesome games on Scratch.

    • Brilliant course last summer, we have just booked our kids again for the Easter session. Lots of fun for the children, highly recommended

    • I think that the Wackybots robot’s function well and it was fun to make and programme them. The class was very good fun.

      Lewis. Aged 9
    • My son loved the Wacky Bots course he did at Aberdeen Science Centre recently. He learned to build and program a Lego robot, what more could a 9 year old want?!

    • My son had a robotics session with Wacky Bots yesterday at the Bervie Cubs and came home raving about it!

      Mom to 8 year old in Inverbervie
    • Fab science input at assembly from Wacky Bots. Everyone was totally engaged. Thank you.

      Tweet from Bervie Primary School
    • The boys were high as a kite yesterday when I picked them up. They are really loving your class.

      Mom to 2 budding robotics engineers
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Please note that Wacky Bots will not be running any further workshops until summer 2020. Thank you.